All ears.

Our workshop on Sunday the 2nd of July 2017 was a DIY workshop. Three members of the Mearns Writers each presented a different activity. In the morning led by Susan Cunningham, we went through a Rhyming Activity Aimed at showing the possibility of where rhyme might take you.

In the  afternoon after a good lunch, and the AGM, we were led by Jan in exploring ideas around space and place and space-time and the opportunities they both offer to propel or arrest plot and/or dramatically illustrate character. The Back in Time Activity was aimed at using later knowledge to use reflections which became poignant, emotional, humorous.

During the final hour or so before we finished Chris Officer gave us a very useful overview of audio recording and what to do with it, including equipment, software and websites to use.

All of the sessions were extremely professional and very interesting. I think this might herald the start of more home grown workshop presentations. Well done everyone.

Alistair Lawrie and Bill Kirton

At our workshop on Sunday the 12 th of March Bill Kirton, novelist, short story writer and playwright took the morning session. His crime novels are police procedurals featuring DCI Jack Carston.

The exercise he lead had the class split into groups and work with the same characters and scenarios to produce vastly differing plots.

Sandra Ireland

In the afternoon of Sunday the 12 th of March Sandra Ireland took a session on poetry, Sandra, has Creative Scotland sponsored creative residency at Barry Mill in Angus. She is a novelist who has also been enjoying success as a poet.

Under her guidance the class read two poems, At Roane Head by Robin Robinson and Wuthering Heights by Sylvia Plath and encouraged individuals to use words and imagery from both poems to produce a piece of work of their own.

Scottish Poet Liz Niven carried out an excellent workshop for members of the group on Sunday the 13th of March 2016.  Liz has published several poetry collections, including The Shard Box, Burning Whins, Stravaigin.

The workshop was well supprted with almost twenty members attending.

Members of the Stonehaven and Inveerbervie Mearns Writers Group at a Sunday Workshop.

  March 10th 2013 - Wayne Price and Fiona Thackeray
January 25th 2014 - Wayne Price and Jen Cooper
February 23rd 2014 - Kenneth Steven and Kirsten McKenzie
March 22nd 2015 - Chris Powici

Writer Fiona Thackeray visited us on a Writing Workshop day in early March 2013 and had this to say:
"What an incredible focus and energy this group has. And how wonderful to see such varied writers coming together in such a vibrant atmosphere where clearly everyone felt comfortable, inspired and able to contribute. Everyone was generous in their contributions and noone seemed to dominate. A pleasure to be a part of it."



Members of the group read work in public most recently at Stonehaven Station Hotel on Tuesday 30th September 2015 as part of the New Word Festival under the heading Having The Last Word. Previously members of the group have read work at various public events and have made a number of broadcasts on Mearns FM.